Sunbird, Inc.

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Welcome to Sunbird, Inc.

Sunbird is a marketer, conditioner and packager of agricultural products grown in the Great Plains.


Sunbird works closely with Producers and Purchasers of the products that are grown in the Great Plains. On a daily basis, the team at Sunbird purchases, receives, warehouses, conditions, packages, sells and transports products. 

Sunbird’s focus on products from the Great Plains allows for variety and specialization. As market conditions allow, short and long-term contracts may be available, assisting producers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to reduce the marketing risk in regard to price, quality and availability.

The Sunbird customer base includes producers, distributors, brokers, wholesalers and retailers throughout the US.  Daily pricing is available based on market conditions, quality and quantities available.

Conditioning and Packaging

Sunbird’s primary receiving, conditioning and packaging location is in Huron, South Dakota. Additional satellite delivery/storage locations are spread throughout the state. Most products are available in packaged or bulk. The packaged product is available in bag sizes from 20# to 50#, or totes of 2000 pounds supplied by Sunbird or in customer packaging.

Products conditioned and packaged retail ready (consumer-ready) or in bulk are shipped from Huron by rail, truck or in bulk bags to destinations across North America.

Ag products produced in the Great Plains:

The Great Plains region of the United States produces numerous agricultural products that are in demand throughout North America and beyond. To view samples of some of these products, please click here.


For a detailed map depicting unloading routing procedures at Sunbird's main plant in Huron, please click here.

Sunbird's main receiving plant is conveniently centrally-located, near the South Dakota State Fairgrounds.